The WSMA Aca U Artist in Residence program is designed to feed and nurture artistic creativity and technical innovation by providing a cappella ensembles at various levels of professional development.  Artists will be provided with uninterrupted time, space, the use of professional staff and sound system to create new and innovative works in a unique and supportive world-class facility.
This self-directed program seeks to enhance creative skills and personal progression by facilitating concentrated artistic exploration and discovery in a context that is tailored to each group’s project.  This may be but not limited to everything from technical aspects of performing to arranging, or simply working as a group.
Artists in Residence are provided with:
  • Focused time to concentrate on personal artistic development and work towards their proposed project
  • An opportunity to use a professional sound system, rehearsal space and theater to advance the groups goals and aspirations
  • Access to performance spaces for community outreach and engagement
  • On-campus meals and lodging for all members
All artists participating in the Artist in Residence program will be asked to participate in some form of community outreach (i.e. performance, workshop, talk, mentorship, photo/video/media)
All participating artists are asked to provide a short video testimonial of their time spent in residence at WSMA Aca U and to allow for photo and video documentation of their residency.  This is to be used for promotional and archival purposes as a testimony for the WSMA Aca U Artist in Residence program.
*Please note:  It is the group’s responsibility for all travel costs to and from WSMA Aca U.
Applications for residencies are reviewed and accepted on an ongoing basis.  The deadline for applications is April 1, 2020.
All groups will officially apply by clicking on the link below and provide a YouTube video of themselves.  The video should contain the following:
  • Information about your group (who you are, how long you have been in existence)
  • At least three songs to show us your style and sound
  • Why you would like to be selected for an artist in residency at WSMA Aca U
  • What would you like to get out of an artist in residency program
Click here to start your application
Artists will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Those who have demonstrated excellence, aptitude and drive in their chosen or prospective field of work
  • Those ensembles with artistic merit that show promise and originality
  • Those whose proposal fits with the philosophy and goals of WSMA Aca U
A committee comprised of staff, specialists and industry professionals will convene to review applicant submissions and select participants.  A decision of residency will be made by mid-late April 2020.


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 1.46.35 PM.png
   Inverse is a group of six young singers who found family and passion in a cappella.  While striving to share that love with new people, Inverse makes music across many musical genres in order to reach every member of their audiences.  Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Inverse has goals of bringing their vocal music to every corner of the world.
   A perfect example of friendship at the core of artistic creation, Inverse relies on their strength of making you feel right at home as they show off their multiple percussionists, stylistic soloing, and intimate storytelling.  Founded in 2019, Inverse is still in their infant stages and hopes to bring their online success to the stage more and more as a cappella becomes more accessible across the globe.
   Collide was formed in 2017 by five, college-aged, Colorado natives that came together in Fort Collins.  These bright voices bring a fresh sound to the A Cappella scene, featuring tight harmonies, unique pop covers, and a dynamic, youthful energy.
   Collide enjoys experimenting with unusual songs and sounds, and putting their own spin on the music they choose.  They also often take on styles that aren't traditionally done a cappella, such as rap and electronic music.
   Collide's singers have a wide array of musical skills; from Collin (vocal percussionist) who is pursuing a Jazz degree at UNC Greeley, to Josh (Tenor), who is classically trained and has a BA in Music Education.  The members of Collide embrace their different musical backgrounds and strive to show their musical diversity in their performances.