In little under 1 year, Freedom’s Boombox rose from internet sensation to international touring trio. The band started as  a collaborative music startup. Then the band gained traction with +1M views on their all-vocal music. Freedom’s Boombox social presence has grown over 1000% in 6 months accompanying their first album release in July 2017.
     The US State Department selected Freedom’s Boombox as cultural ambassadors. They have planned tours in Europe, Australia, and the US for 2017.
     After singing for over a decade, Alfredo, Christopher, and Richard have become paragons of America’s a cappella culture. After The SingOff in 2011, they joined forces to form The Exchange with 2 friends Aaron and Jamal from the show. They traveled to 50 countries across every continent (except Antarctica), teaching along the way. After the group dissolved, the 3 stayed together to continue pushing their own boundaries in a cappella.
     With a little beatboxing, a missing vocal cord, radio hits, some classical vocal training, and 3 microphones, you’ll spend the first few songs trying to figure out who is doing what to bring pop music to life. With just 3 voices, Freedom’s Boombox is built with minimal size and maximum sound; meet the new American vocal pop trio.
Freedom’s Boombox orchestrates an entire concert with just 3 voices. They’ve battled through reality TV, viral videos, and world tours. Then Freedom’s Boombox sat in front of a camera and started singing their version of pop songs. Now, their shows use radio hits and a cappella to reach new crowds worldwide.
     Their mission of reaching the corners of world through the voice has a second purpose. The guys have traveled the US and the world as to teach music and develop hip hop, beatbox, and vocal music programs. It’s an ongoing mission to provide positive activity alternatives for youth and underserved artists. For more information on our workshops, visit http://www.freedoms-boombox.com/workshops/.
Paige Bolen is a
Kelly Brennan is a
Lisa Hawkins is a
Sarah Maskill is the bass.
Lauren Wilson is the vocal percussionist and founder of Revel. 
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